8 February 8, 2021

Onwards Studio Mini Mart – Valentine’s Day

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This Saturday head over to onwards studio for their Valentine’s Day Mini Mart. I’ll have a bunch of small framed original works for purchase either for yourself or that special someone. Should be an absolute ripper!

24 December 24, 2020

Art Edit Magazine

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I was fortunate enough to have a little artist profile in the latest edition or Art Edit Magazine.

Check it out below

16 December 16, 2020

I’ve Learned To Love Myself Playlist

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Playlist for recent painting commissioned by the Pink Frangipani Ball committee which is intended to be auctioned or sold, to further support HPCA.

16 December 16, 2020

I’ve Learned To Love Myself

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Recently finished a commission piece for HPCA and Procare Mental Health Services. Commissioned by the committee The Pink Frangipani Ball, which is intended to be auctioned or sold, to further support Procare.
The Pink Frangipani Ball is a bi-annual event started by Andrea Rufo to honour the memory of his wife Sandra. Sandra passed away due to breast cancer in 2005. Over the years the ball has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support breast cancer awareness, counselling, treatment and research. The ball’s committee also shares money raised among other local charity organisations, including Procare Mental Health Services.
14 October 14, 2020

Newcastle Emerging Artist Finalist

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Pretty stoked to be a finalist in this and to be hung in this show with so many talented people. Thank you Newcastle Art Space. Opening night is tomorrow, head over to the NAS website for more details and bookings, and head on down to see which of my artworks was selected.

15 September 15, 2020

These Narrowheads Playlist

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Playlist for a new series titled, These Narrowheads on display in group exhibition at Mitch Revs Makers Creators Gallery.

14 September 14, 2020

Art Talk

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A recap of my previous exhibition As We All Play Part Of Tomorrow, as well talking about his current collection, These Narrowheads featured in a group show in Newcastle at Mitch Revs Makers Creators gallery.

9 August 9, 2020

Independent Galleries of Newcastle Art Fair 2020

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I’ll be featuring in a pop up group show for the IGN art fair 2020 in conjunction with Newcastle Art Gallery Australia. This group show will launch on Saturday August 15th at 10am and run for 5 days only! I’ll be featured alongside works from Megan Burley gallery owner Marguerite Tierney, Ann Gordon Elizabeth Mead, Glenys Holmes and Rachel Melcher.

It is a free event, but bookings are essential and limited per half an hour.

Please email admin@blackstone-gallery.com to RSVP.

Come enjoy a nice cold one from Pioneer Brewing.

16 June 16, 2020

As We All Play Parts of Tomorrow Extended

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Wow! What a reception! Due to popular demand Blackstone gallery have decided to extend my exhibition all the way through to the 12th July. Thank you!

Opening day/night, while a bit different than usual was a massive success. We extended the usual opening reception hours from two to four, with allocated time slots for people to come through and view the artworks with everyone sticking to strict Covid Health Regulations. We filled up all the allocated time slots, and more people emailing through asking to come for a look, and based on sales through out the opening the gallery decided to extend the show for another 2 weeks.

Hope you can make it.


13 June 13, 2020

The Nimrods Virtual Walk Through

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A series or portraits based on songs by Green Day for the exhibition “As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow”

For this series, I wanted to create a small gang of misfits based around songs by Green Day. Green Day have always been a huge influence on me and one fo my favourite bands through out the 90’s. I’d die my hair the same as Billie Joe on a regular occasions much to the dislike of my parents and teachers. So for this series of 12, I scoured through Green Day’s catalogue, listening to everything old and new in the studio, it was a fun experience to create these figures based solely on one song each. Each art work is mixed media on canvas, and just under 35 cm x 35 cm.

Here’s a virtual walk through of the series that will be shown within my exhibition “As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow” in an adjoining room with a small speaker playing the 12 Green Day songs that inspired each work playing on loop.

12 June 12, 2020

As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow, Virtual Walk Through

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As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow – A virtual walk through.

Just after hanging As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow, and due to the ongoing pandemic, I thought it would be a good idea to do a virtual walk through of the exhibition. I knew that capacity was limited and that friends and family would not be able to make to the show in person. So we thought we try to capture it and make it as authentic as possible.  Also some works have changed since my initial preview and the addition of seven smaller artworks. Josh from Bar TV, who also happens to be a great mate of mine, was on hand to help and film the walk through.

Exhibition open June 13th – 27th at Blackstone Gallery, Newcastle.

Filmed and edited by Josh Mason, Bar TV

Music by Foemen

10 June 10, 2020

Art Talk

By |2021-02-24T16:25:23+11:00June 10th, 2020|Art, Black and White, Exhibition, Painting, Studio, Video|

A preview of As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow. I sat down with my friend John to talk about my rescheduled exhibition at Blackstone Gallery here in my hometown of Newcastle.
7 June 7, 2020

As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow Re-scheduled

By |2021-02-24T16:25:56+11:00June 7th, 2020|Art, Exhibition, Painting|

The rumours are true. We are back on! Please join us for drinks on Saturday the 13th June between 1pm – 5pm. We will run the opening reception for a little longer than usual to accomodate spacing people out and avoid large gatherings due to restrictions.
We will have extra safety precautions in place to keep everyone safe.
People have already began booking in time slots to view which is amazing and also a massive help to the gallery. You can contact the gallery via email, admin@blackstone-gallery.com
Thank you to Blackstone Gallery Sea Salt & Sage Catering, Philter Brewing, Moorooduc Estate and Aaron Framed It for supporting ‘As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow’.
19 May 19, 2020

In The Studio

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A short look into my studio.

Song “Those Were Good Times” – by Beerwolf

10 April 10, 2020

As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow, Virtual Preview

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Unfortunately we had to postpone todays opening due to the ongoing situation that is affecting not only Newcastle, but the entire world at the moment. Rest assured, we will have an opening night and we will all get the share a beer together soon, but for the time being here is a little preview of the the artworks.

Music by my dear friend Foemen


5 April 5, 2020

As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow Preview

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Here’s a little preview I shot in the studio of We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow.

5 April 5, 2020

In The Studio

By |2020-05-02T00:58:30+10:00April 5th, 2020|Art, Painting, Studio, Video|

I recently had a studio visit from a good friend of mine, Luke O’Donnell and he shot and edited this little clip. Song by another good friend Foemen

5 April 5, 2020

As We All Play Parts Of Tomorrow – Postponed

By |2021-02-24T16:27:31+11:00April 5th, 2020|Art, Exhibition, Video|

Unfortunately we had to postpone the opening of my solo show, As We All play Parts Of Tomorrow at Blackstone Gallery (4th April) due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation that is crippling the world at the moment. We will have this show opening as soon as we possibly can at a latter date. In the meantime, Blackstone Gallery have put together a little preview of the works we were to show. If you would like to purchase any please contact the gallery at admin@blackstone-gallery.com

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